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Press Release - 18 July 2018

God’s Holy Trousers are pleased to announce the release of their eighth album - The Noise...The People.
Recorded in almost total darkness, and with only one set of headphones, ‘The Noise’ sees the Trousers
continuing along the path of experimentation, fusing influences as widespread as Stockhausen, Abba,
Miles Davis and The Brotherhood of Man, whilst maintaining the unforgettable essence of Trousersound.
Available now in all disreputable record shops, Marks and Spencer and Sainsbury’s.
Alternatively, just download for free here.

Press Release - 24 March 2017

Feared by musicologists to have been lost forever, God's Holy Trousers seventh album
recently resurfaced from beneath a pile of unwashed socks and Neil Sedaka cassettes.
We are therefore delighted to be able to bring you the long awaited A Short History of Forever.

Press Release - 25th May 2012

Cue drum roll. GHT's sixth album A Long Month of Walpurgis Nights is done.
With no more than a click or two of the mouse, the long expectant music fan
can finally bask again in the warm sinuous loveliness of TrouserSound®.


New Single - 15th December 2011

What's that poking out of my stocking? Why, it must be the brand new God's Holy Trousers single Stannic Dan. Listen Here

New Video - 12th April 2011

Press Release - 11th Feb 2011

The long wait is over. GHT's fifth studio album D.Wice & Vijit is available to listen
and download. The music is written and performed by Morrid and Mountjoy,
variously performing on guitars, keyboards, bass, drums and banjo. Special guest
Maternik plays Cello and newly-arrived-in-the-UK French sensation Yacine provides
additional vocals. And with the Moksha Man's trademark Blitzkreig rap all the over
the record, we have included lyrics for all tracks so you too can sing along.

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