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The Big Fade

- Mokshaman, Morrid (16th December 2010)

Mokshaman - Vocals
Morrid - Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboards
Mountjoy - Banjo, Violins

The Big Fade.mp3


As I sit here I hum like dum-diddly-dum-dum. My fingers drum, I'm feeling glum and I'm still waiting for the day when we can be friends to come.
Was I so much of an ogre with all the fe, the fie and the fo-fum? It's been a decade now and still you’re keeping schtum.
Okay, I get it, I'm scum, a devil a ne'er-do-well and a bum but can you still be so goddamn angry, or perhaps you're just feeling numb? Ne recherche pas les temps perdu, if you catch my drift old chum.

I'd don sack-cloth and massage my scalp with ash. I'd wail and my teeth would gnash. I'd outdo Job with famine, pestilence and a rash.
I'd even consider giving up smoking hash. I'd burn my paraphernalia and flush away my stash. If it would get me absolution I would self-flagellate in flash, be grateful for every lash and then willingly rub salt into each suppurating gash.
Forgive me father for I have sinned. I'll buy a whole stack of indulgences just as soon as I have the cash.

Like a wicked Wlloughby-type, a gallant gadabout go-getter, failing to follow the rules of disengagement to the letter, failing to voluntarily fit my fist into the fetter.
I'm sorry to say I'm a slave to a sort in a short skirt and tight sweater; turn a big burly bruiser to a babbling bed-wetter.
I'll fall in love with a woman one night and in the morning I'll forget her, I'm humming riffs from Peg, Babe, you know I'll love you better.

The Big Fade: clothes are gone from the wardrobe and the bed is neatly made. It's the easiest way to side-step an acrimonious tirade, favourite methods of the craven: to avoid and to evade.
Not a pittance of a penance to be paid... except by the heart where the occasional pang of conscience may have strayed.
Now there's the maudlin sound of the violin where the banjo once was played. When it comes to sensibilities I was a vandal on a raid and when it comes to true romance, Babe, I would have never made the grade.