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God's Holy Trousers

The Noise - The People (2018)

1. Geisterfahrer (3m 25s)

2. Coyote Peyote (2m 56s)

3. Please Don't Smoke on my Behalf (2m 45s)

4. MoSloMo (2m 43s)

5. Five Finger Discount (2m 42s)

6. Le Trac Epouvantable (3m 2s)

7. Samizdat (2m 58s)

8. Octopode (2m 19s)

9. Caveman Waltz (2m 21s)

10. Gadsby (2m 25s)

©2018 All tracks written and performed by Morrid and Mountjoy



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