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God's Holy Trousers - Pimp My Plectrum (2008)

1. Health and Safety (Mountjoy - 4m 38s)

Please listen to this important Health and Safety announcement before enjoying the album, and remember that God's Holy Trousers are the only band that guarantees all its listeners the secrets of everlasting life (terms and conditions apply).

Mountjoy - Guitars and Keyboards
Morrid - Acoustic Guitar, Bass and Drums
Health and Safety Executive - Vox

2. Jimmy (Morrid - 4m 23s)

Genial snooker genius Jimmy White has profoundly influenced the musical direction of the Trousers. Listen, for example, to the deep screw stun around two cushions off the red at 2'14.

Morrid - All instruments
Maxim - Vox
Merthyr Tydfil Colliery Silver & Brass Band - Horns

3. Yes, It's My Hobby (Morrid - 3m 53s)

By day, Morrid works as a receptionist for the Monte Carlo Secret Police Force. By night, he indulges in his preferred hobby which is writing Drum, Strum 'n' Bass records with self evident titles.

Morrid - Guitar, Keyboards, Bass and Drums
Mountjoy - Flange slide guitar

Merthyr Tydfil Colliery Silver & Brass Band - Horns

4. Baba Yaga (Mountjoy - 6m 14s)

Baba Yaga is the fabled witch who flies in a mortar, using the pestle as a rudder and sweeping away her tracks with a broom of silver birch. She lives in a log cabin that moves around on a pair of dancing chicken legs, and is surrounded by a palisade with a skull on each pole. The keyhole to her front door is a mouth filled with sharp teeth. Much like the Fleapit studios.

Mountjoy - Guitars and Keyboards
Morrid - Keyboards, Bass and Drums
Merthyr Tydfil Colliery Silver & Brass Band - Horns

5. Mokshamatosis (Mokshaman, Morrid, Mountjoy - 3m 53s)

During a brief session at the Fleapit Studios, the Mokshaman recorded these vocals for a new Trousers record. During this session, he was unfortunate to have become infected by a rare variant of the Myxoma virus, born by a cottontail rabbit that was later found entangled in a computer cooling fan. He promptly emigrated to China, in the hope of contracting a dose of Avian flu.

Mokshaman - Vocals
Morrid - Guitar, Keyboard, Bass and Drums
Mountjoy - Guitar

6. PMP My Plectrum (Morrid - 4m 21s)

Critics have accused God's Holy Trousers of "living in a timewarp" and "having progressed little beyond the Jazz Funk Fusion heyday of 1974." We would like to thank them for their kind words, but point out that where our music may be occasionally retrospective, our track titles are nothing less than bleeding edge. This one, for example, incorporates a 'Recursive Acronym', which we believe to be a first in the music industry.

Morrid - Guitar, Keyboard, Bass and Drums
Mountjoy - Electric Piano Solo
Merthyr Tydfil Colliery Silver & Brass Band - Horns

7. Junkie (Morrid - 6m 55s)

Members of God's Holy Trousers are variously undergoing psychochemical treatments for addictions to the following substances: Tweed, Portugese poetry, Dirty Martinis, Allan Holdsworth, Spiderman comics and African Paduak sawdust.

Morrid - Guitar, Keyboard, Bass and Drums
Mountjoy - Last Guitar Solo

8. Knots, Splices and Fancy Work (Mountjoy - 5m 18s)

The compositional structure of this piece follows the design of the Monkey's Fist knot. Commonly used as an end knot for a heaving line, it may also be used as a weapon or a mountaineering anchor. Climbers should be advised that whilst this composition has achieved a BS 12572 safety standard, God's Holy Trousers accept no liability for injuries sustained whilst using this track as a climbing aid.

Mountjoy - Guitars and Keyboards
Morrid - Acoustic Guitar Solo, Bass and Drums


©2008 All tracks recorded and mixed at Fleapit Studios and M-Joy Towers