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Studio Facilities

Artists as diverse as John Constable R.A. and Gulag Shit Unit have recorded chart topping albums at the Trouser complex of studio facilities. Offering high quality acoustic environments, experienced engineers and an unrivalled variety of professional audio equipment, the studios are available for hire at reasonable daily rates.

Mountjoy Towers
Mountjoy Towers is a luxury condominium that was built by Steve Davis in his blue period. Fashioned from apple cores and low-grade peridots it is universally hailed as the “the jewel of Hartlepool”- which is strange as it is currently situated on the left hand side of a pocket of air, caught between the Earth’s mantle and our planet’s crust. Spokesmen for the facility assure would-be visitors that although the male residents are overly hirsute, the women are unimaginably more so. Following severe damage caused by a lack of fires in 2007, dedicated campaigners for this landmark institution are currently raising funds to see that all 57 of its celebrated bidets are painstakingly restored.

The Fleapit Studio
The Fleapit Studio is situated in the sleepy fishing village of Overly-Mid-Under, once a bustling market town in the high Hindu Kush. By day it operates as a call centre, established to field the large volume of complaints generated from the Coulrophobic Society’s only serious attempt at operating a fleet of barges. By night however it opens its doors to traveling minstrels who have become disenchanted with the Renaissance Fair circuit. It offers these lost souls a forum in which to lament the stripeyness of mint humbugs as well as to share their mutual dream that one day Raymond Chandler will lend his name to a line of ladies’ footwear.